Writing Samples

“Letter From 16.8000° N, 87.7833° W,” (personal essay), Atticus Review, December 2016.

“Amnesia,” (short story-novel excerpt/URL) Knee-Jerk Magazine, October 2016.

The man just might get himself a dog. He’s heard they can read a person’s smile…

“The Agony and the Ecstasy of Door-to-Door Activism,” (essay, URL) The Millions, August 2016.

“By the end of the call I’d learned I was not only an energetic self-starter but also a citizen activist and coalition builder who was willing to work flexible hours five days a week for the rest of the summer and be paid through a multi-tiered, incentive-laden bonus structure.”

“The Messenger,” (essay/journalism, URL) The Morning News, November 2015.

“From “Truth Trucks” to viral videos, Operation Rescue head Troy Newman’s word is his sword.” Profile of an individual behind the Planned Parenthood “hidden camera” videos.

“The Swap,” (fiction, PDF, 12 pp.), The Burnside Review, independent journal Portland, Oregon, Spring 2015.

“A Dangerous Man: George Stoddard, Lewis Terman, the Debates over Hereditarian Views on Intelligence and the Legacy of the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station,” (article, PDF, 30 pp.), Annals of Iowa, State Historical Society of Iowa, Winter 2013. 

Article tells the story of a decade-plus long debate between principal opposites on the meaning and use of intelligence testing. Includes original research and exploration of competing views on the role of intelligence testing in shaping public policy.

“SUV vs. Bike, SUV Wins,” (personal essay, PDF, 10 pp.) Iowa Review, University of Iowa, April 2010.

Meditates on the metaphysical implications of a high-speed altercation between an SUV driver and a bicyclist. Listed as a “Notable Essay” in Best American Essays 2011, edited by Edwidge Danticat, series editor Robert Atwan, and anthologized in: Discoveries: New Writing from The Iowa Review, Spring 2012.

Frothing at the Latte,” (satire, URL) The Morning News, September 2008. 

“Politicians use stereotypes to lampoon and persuade. But what if they’re actually right? Our writer hits the road to answer that burning question: how well does a latte identify political preferences?”

I Slept with Osama bin Laden,” (satire, URL) The Morning News, November 2007. 

“A journey halfway around the world culminates in a cave with surprisingly romantic lighting. Spending a night with the world’s most wanted man.”